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USA, California, Mendocino County – Girasole Vineyards12 – Certified Organic

1) Girasole Vineyards – Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Girasole = Sunflower in Italian. This Cabernet Sauvignon presents full flavours of blackberry and cassis, enhanced by just the right amount of oak, giving this wine nuance of smoke and vanilla. The tannins are soft and elegant, and the wine lingers on the palate to give a lasting finish. Try this wine with beef, lamb or pork dishes...or try your favourite chocolate! Vegan.
CSPC #738388

2) Girasole Vineyards- Chardonnay 2012

New Release! Aromas of both tropical fruit and mildly spiced sweet apple pie are nicely followed by a smooth, balanced palate and a light clean finish. Mineral driven acids balance the richness and make this wine a standout for meals that include Salmon, roast chicken or pork. Vegan.
CSPC # 762845

USA, California, Mendocino County – Barra Vineyards13 – Certified Organic

1) Barra of Mendocino– Pinot Noir Rose 2012

This special wine flashes colors of pink roses and ruby jewel tones. Aromas of wild strawberries, cherries and spice explode out of the glass as you swirl its pink goodness around. Flavors of strawberry candy, raspberry and mineral notes marry perfectly with the vibrant acidity that balances this wine so well. Salute! Vegan.
CSPC # 762844

2)Barra of Mendocino– Pinot Noir 2011

Dark, yet an appropriate color for this vintage. Bright cherry flavors turn to raspberry and mixed spices. Hints of vanilla wafer and sweet cinnamon create a mouthwatering synergy with the youthful fruit. Mild but perceptible tannins foreshadow slow and graceful maturations. Note: A nearly rain free September in 2011 (0.1 inches) created the perfect ripening conditions for the delicate skinned, organically farmed Pinot Noir.
CSPC # 762820

3) Barra of Mendocino– Bella Dolce Dessert Syrah 2008

Limited Production: A seductive, dark, mysterious "Port", with hues of deep purple and streaks of burgundy. Aromas of ripe blueberries, mocha, fresh ground coffee beans and vanilla rise seductively out of the glass. Your first sip rewards you with ripe, dark fruits and spices, with a silky, sexy texture and a long, lingering finish. Lovely with blue cheeses, bittersweet chocolate and caramel cheesecake.
CSPC # 762843

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